03 : Our Story

How it started...

I, the founder, have been on the Elrond Network project since the summer of 2019 when Battle Of Nodes was underway. Since then I have begun to build a solid base of information about Elrond Network and the whole phenomenon. The first important step was to run the private nodes through which I helped develop the network. In a short time I moved on to the next challenge, the staking agency! That's how @Parasco Staking came about.

What do we do now?

At this moment we are investing in the development of the Agency. We do not have agency fee, and we support this process with our own funds because we believe in our vision. The target for 2022 is to reach 12-15 nodes. This will allow us to become sustainable and to be able to achieve the ultimate goal!

The ultimate goal...

We have a dream! We want to give a very concrete utility to the operation of the agency and to link it closely to a functional business in everyday life, which will generate a lifetime passive income to the community around Parasco Staking. At the moment, all the details are being worked out so that we can start in full force, when the moment arrives.